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John Lawrence


Title:               Singlewide Pride

Role:               Walter Littlejon (Co-star, Voice only)

Director:        Olivia Reedy

Title:               Fawn's Justice

Role:               Arnold Pickle (Co-star, Voice only)

Director:        Olivia Reedy

Title:               US

Role:               Boardwalk stroller

Director:        Jordan Peele

Title:               Girls Night

Role:               Chuck (Lead)

Director:        Diane Thorne

Title:               Ant-Man and the Wasp

Role:               SF Tourist

Director:        Peyton Reed

Title:               Damaged

Role:               Funeral-goer (Featured)

Director:        Juna Ma

Title:               Hegemony

Role:               Father (Lead)

Director:        Marya Murphy


Title:              A Time to Be Remembered (A Juneteenth Story)

Role:              Hollis (Featured)

Director:      Hank Gray

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TV & Web Series

Title:             Insta-Empire

Role:             Grandfather (Featured)

Director:      D'Adonis Moquette

Title:             13 Reasons Why

Role:             Lawyer (Featured)

Director:      Jessica Yu

Title:             DEVS

Role:             Photo double / Stand-in

Director:      Alex Garland

Title:             Don't Call It Frisco

Role:             Dennis (Featured)

Director:      Matt Barkin

Title:             P.K. Subban's All-Star Special

Role:             Audience member (Featured)

Director:      Heather Lynn

Title:             The Murder of Laci Peterson

Role:             Mike (Supporting)

Director:      Emily Dillon Berry

Title:             The OA

Role:             Ferry Commuter

Director:      Zal Batmanglij

Title:             The OA

Role:             High-End Pedestrian

Director:      Zal Batmanglij

Commercials & print

Title:            Hear Your Story

Role:            Grandfather (Principal)

Director:     Nick Coleman

Title:            Bias Training Video- Political Views

Role:            Jerry (Principal)

Director:     Hester Wagner

Title:            ArchTek Socks

Role:            Sock Model

Director:     Joseph Navarro

Title:            Rolling Hills Casino

Role:            Gambling patron

Director:     Kyle Hanlon

Title:            Ergoal social media ad

Role:            Demonstrator (Principal)

Director:     Benjamin Rubio

Title:            Sacramento Int'l Airport - WAT Campaign

Role:            Couple (Featured)

Director:     Scott Conway

Title:            Ergoal video ad

Role:            Demonstrator (Principal)

Director:     Javier Fernandez

Title:            Haggar Clothing

Role:            Audience Member

Director:     Carl Brown

Title:            Market Hall

Role:            Customer (Featured)

Director:     Travis Schmiessing

Title:            Gametime

Role:            Baseball fan (Featured)

Director:     Liam Brady

Title:            Five7Five Yunnan Eatery

Role:            Kidnapper (Featured)

Director:     Phenix Miao

Title:            Health Net

Role:            Father (Featured)

Director:     Jake Klarkowski

Title:            Aura Frames

Role:            Grandfather (Principal)

Director:     Katie O'Brien

Title:            SCOTTeVest

Role:            Jeep Driver (Featured)

Director:     Gaelan Draper

Title:            Specialized Bicycles Turbo TV

Role:            Grandma (Featured)

Director:     Nicholas Maggio

Title:            Harvest on Geary (Print)

Role:            Lounge member (Principal)

Director:     Cynthia Erland

Title:            Air Aware (Print)

Role:            Model (Principal)

Director:     Better World Advertising

Title:            Myrbetriq (Print)

Role:            Concertgoer (Featured)

Director:     Havas Health & You

Title:            Stopaw Dog Leash

Role:            Dog Owner (Lead)

Director:     Yutian Sun

Title:            Honda - President's Day Sale

Role:            Diner (Supporting)

Director:     Brian Bacino

Title:            49ers Promo

Role:            Football Fan

Director:     Greenpoint Pictures, Inc.

Title:           Solar Insanity

Role:           Audience

Director:    Whitney Alves


Title:            ADA Instructional video

Role:            Commuter (Featured)

Director:     Jeremy Beckman / Scott Dietrich

Title:            Skype Reaction Video

Role:            Reacting couple (Principal)

Director:     Carlos G. Martinez

Title:            Culture Amp

Role:            Office Worker

Director:     Ron Small

Title:            Schlumberger

Role:            Factory Worker (Featured)

Director:     Frog Design/Frogfilms


Title:            Techbane

Role:            Concerned Computer User

Director:     Mathew Kneebone


Title:            Public Safety Training

Role:            Role player (Victim / Suspect)

Director:     South Bay Regional

Title:            De-Escalation Training

Role:            Suspect

Director:     San Jose Police Department

Title:            Dinner Detective (Mystery Theater)

Role:            Various

Director:     Various

Title:            Murder Mystery USA

Role:            Various

Director:     Various

Title:            Clue Collective (Mystery Theater)

Role:            Various

Director:     Various

Title:            Murder Mystery Company

Role:            Various

Director:     Various


Title:             Glengarry Glen Ross

Role:             Dave Moss

Director:      David Gassner

​​​​​Title:           12 Angry Men

Role:             Juror 7

Director:     Mary Galde

Title:           Time of Death

Role:             Lan Carmac

Director:     Elise Hodge

Title:            The Crucible

Role:            Reverend John Hale

Director:    Paula Chenoweth

Title:            Chapter Two **

Role:            Leo Schneider

Director:    Jim Woodbury

Title:            Charley’s Aunt

Role:             Jack Chesney

Director:    ​​​Matt Matthews

Title:            A Streetcar Named Desire

Role:            ​​​​Mitch

Director:    Paula Chenoweth

Title:            Picasso at the Lapin Agile

Role:            Freddy

Director:    Paula Chenoweth

Title:            The Odd Couple

Role:            ​​Vinnie

Director:    Ken Baggott

Title:            Beau Jest

Role:            Joel Goldman

Director:    Jack Lampert

Title:           Rehearsal

Role:           Alan Alda

Director:   ​​Mary Galde/John Lawrence

Title:           The Star Spangled Girl

Role:           Andy Hobart

Director:   Elaine Mathews

Title:           Alone Together ***

Role:           Elliot

Director:   Marian Narveson

** - Best Supporting Actor Award

*** - Best Character Actor Award

© 2023 by John Lawrence

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